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HR Magazine quotes Clare Davis on the reform to exclusivity clauses

Workers on contracts with a guaranteed weekly income on or below the Lower Earnings Limit will now be protected from exclusivity clauses being enforced against them, which restricted them from working for multiple employers.

Clare Davis, Senior Associate, says:

"Understandably employers want to ensure they are both getting the best from their employees and protecting their legitimate business interests, including their confidential information which is why they may seek to prevent employees working for others during their employment, but this should only apply where it may detract from the employee’s role or where such work would benefit their competitors."

Clare added: "With the exclusivity ban for lower paid workers, if these workers have access to confidential information and customers, employers should ensure they have provisions in their contracts of employment to protect their confidential information and, where applicable, prevent non-solicitation and non-dealing with customers and non-interference with suppliers.”

Read the full article in HR Magazine here.

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