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The Telegraph quotes Penelope Byatt on the proposed sale of the Trevalga estate and the legal definition of perpetuity

A battle has broken out over the fate of a Cornish hamlet which has been put up for sale. 

Trustees pushing for the sale of a coastal parish claim that it's subject to a "Royal lives clause", an obscure point of common law that states that the endpoint of a trust is 21 years after the death of the last descendant of the monarch named at the trust’s creation.

Lawyers for Trevalga claim this clause is not valid, because the trust which owns their home is charitable and so can continue indefinitely, in perpetuity.

Penelope Byatt, Associate and advisor for the village, is quoted by the Telegraph on the legal definition of perpetuity. 

“All of that is not relevant, because [it’s a] charity. Many charities do carry on for hundreds of years ... They’re not subjected to this requirement.”

Read the full article in The Telegraph here (subscription required). 

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