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Retail Bulletin quotes Charlotte Duly on the House of Zana trademark row with Zara

A small fashion company has won a tribunal against high-street giant Zara over claims it had an "identical brand".

Charlotte Duly, Head of Brand Protection comments for Retail Bulletin:

“In this battle of David and Goliath, the little guy has come out on top.

Zara has failed to protect its valuable trade mark rights and House of Zana is now permitted to register its current name. This is a huge win for House of Zana given the personal connection linked to a name, and the feeling of being bullied by a larger entity.

Zara may now let the matter rest and decide not to challenge their use, which would need to be by way of infringement proceedings.  However, Zara can also appeal the decision.

Time will tell as to whether they take any further steps or if the Hearing Officer’s decision gives them enough comfort to coexist.”

Read the full article in Retail Bulletin here. 

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