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EG quotes Emma Preece on the Cine-UK and Cineworld Court of Appeal Covid rent arrears ruling

Tenants including Cine-UK and Cineworld have lost two closely watched cases about rent arrears built up during Covid lockdowns.

Emma Preece, Senior Associate, provides comment for EG on the recent judgment.

She comments:

“This appeal was always going to be an uphill battle for the tenants."

“The High Court originally found in favour of the landlord following its summary judgment application, meaning the court was satisfied that the tenants’ defences had no real prospects of success. The dismissal of the appeal was therefore anticipated but still provides a warning for tenants who have been unable to reach an agreement with their landlord on rent accrued during the pandemic which falls outside the binding arbitration scheme.”

Read the full article in EG (subscription required). 

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