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William Marriott quoted by The Daily Telegraph on Land Registry delays

William Marriott has been quoted by The Daily Telegraph on Land Registry delays.

Click here to read the full Daily Telegraph article (subscription required) and Yahoo! Finance

The article notes that property buyers have flooded the Land Registry with complaints after delays leave property movers frustrated and risked losing thousands of pounds in stamp duty savings.

William says: "It’s probable that if a title had not been registered, or if there were outstanding queries with Land Registry, that some transactions would have failed to complete before the deadline."

"The spike in complaints was probably due to the need for certain registrations, corrections and enquiries at Land Registry to have been dealt with in order for transactions to exchange and complete.
"For example, if you were selling a recently purchased property, you would have needed the registration put in your name to prove the title to your purchaser."

He continues to add it was not uncommon for sellers to ask the Land Registry to amend mistakes or irregularities on a title, which had also delayed sales.