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Surveyors' Webinar

We are delighted to be hosting our next Surveyors' Webinar at 13:00 on 20 May where four of our property legal experts will address some of the key issues and challenges facing commercial property owners, contractors and occupiers as we start to exit the lockdown.

We will address the practical issues which landlords, tenants, investors, contractors and surveyors need to address in light of these requirements.

In particular, we will be exploring:

  • The Health and Safety duties which may apply to property owners and occupiers, and the penalties for failure to comply with them;
  • What measures are required to be adopted by contractors in reopening construction sites, or adapting open sites to the Covid-19 era;
  • What steps (including practical solutions) are required to make commercial premises satisfy the legal requirements and guidelines to enable staff to return to the workplace.

As always, the workshop session will be interactive so there will be opportunities for you to share your views and experiences with us, and also to ask questions of our expert panel.

We aim to finish the webinar at approximately 14:00.

Please use the button below to register to attend. If you know someone who would be interested in this webinar please feel free to forward this invitation.