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GDPR in the spotlight: Privacy considerations as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic

The legal landscape both in the UK and internationally continues to evolve, with the recent two year anniversary of GDPR implementation a significant milestone.

The collection and use of data is proving an important tool as we strive to return to business as usual. Meanwhile, the regulators are reminding us that privacy protections are a part of modern life that must not be lost during the fight against COVID-19.  

Join our experts, Jonathan McDonald and Olivia Crane, alongside our guest speaker James Shreve, Head of Cybersecurity at renowned US law firm Thompson Coburn LLP, as they discuss:

  • What practical GDPR-related steps should you be considering? (and we promise not to even mention DPIAs!)
  • How to navigate the data protection issues as businesses re-open and employees return to work in a COVID-19 landscape
  • A US perspective: what are the current key issues in the US and what impact may they have?