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Surveyors' Webinar

We are delighted to be hosting our next Surveyors' Webinar at 1pm on 24 September.

Where a panel of four of our property experts will focus on the key issues and problems arising in light of the forthcoming rent quarter date and the possibility of the end of the moratorium on forfeiture as pressure increases on businesses with the winding down of the furlough and the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19.

The workshop will feature a panel discussion on the key legal and market changes and practice developments and will address the practical issues which landlords, tenants, investors and surveyors will face.

We will be exploring:

  • The forthcoming expiry of the moratorium on forfeiture, what steps landlords are taking to protect their position on the recovery of rent arrears and what tenants are doing to safeguard their position;
  • Growing trends on rent concessions and the introduction of the new Lease Code and how this is affecting landlord and tenant negotiations;
  • What issues have been arising on corporate insolvency and whether there is likely to be a growing trend towards CVAs and administrations over the next few months to mitigate property liabilities and exposure.

As always, the workshop session will be interactive so there will be opportunities for you to share your views and experiences with us, and also to ask questions of our expert panel.

We aim to finish the webinar at approximately 13:45.

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