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GDPR in the spotlight: lessons learnt one year in

To use the analogy of childhood development, the GDPR is now crawling. We have had the opportunity over the last 12 months to take stock of its effects, identify some key trends in compliance (including the regulator's priorities) and start to predict the longer term impact.  

Join our experts Jonathan McDonald, Kirsti Laird and Freddie Law for a breakfast seminar to discuss what compliance, enforcement and risk looks like for this noisy one year old.  

We will address:

  • What should businesses be prioritising now that the initial turmoil of GDPR implementation has passed – and what are the regulator’s main concerns?
  • What does compliance look like on the ground, particularly for employers?
  • Regulation of information law and privacy is increasing – what to expect next and what can businesses do to prepare?

Date / Time: 27 June 2019 / 08:30 - 10:30

To register your interest in attending, please contact our Events Team.

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