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Pharmacy Law Conference 2018

In the past twelve months, the community pharmacy sector has been faced with a number of challenges and these are continuing. Our team of experts will discuss the latest developments affecting the sector and explore what’s coming up in 2018.

At the conference, we will cover the following topics:

  • Regulatory and market entry update
    This session will focus on what’s new and what to watch out for in 2018.
  • General Data Protection Regulations
    2018 will bring significant changes to the law affecting the storage and use of data. Every pharmacist and pharmacy owner will need to understand the new rules and most will have to alter the way data is handled in the pharmacy. We’ll run through the key changes and provide some useful tips on how to achieve compliance.
  • The decriminalisation of dispensing errors
    We’ll explore a real-life scenario and invite the audience to act as judge and jury to see how the proposed decriminalisation of dispensing errors is likely to work in practice.
  • 50 shades of delay
    We will look at the most common issues that cause delays during a pharmacy sale or purchase and how we help clients to avoid or overcome them.

Location: The Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BE

Date/Time: 15 March 2018 / 09:30-14:00

To register your interest in attending please contact our Events Team.
Places are subject to availability and will be confirmed as soon as possible.