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I want to respond to the issues exposed by COVID-19, and see philanthropy as a strategic asset. I also wish to make an immediate donation to community charities. What is the best way for me to do this?

COVID-19 is an unfolding humanitarian crisis that will continue to impact countries worldwide exposing issues of inequality and sustainability. For those in the position of responding there are many ways of doing so.

These include setting up your own charitable foundations, making effective donations to established charities, working with businesses servicing local communities, or, for the more entrepreneurial clients, looking at philanthropy projects and sustainable investments. Below lists some ideas you may want to consider.

For those requiring more information about running and managing a charity during these challenging times, from furloughing, to governance, to returning to work, property, event staging, and all other business aspects, please see our practical steps for charities and not-for-profits guide below.

Responsible Business Report 2020

Responsible Business Report 2020

Download our Responsible Business Report.