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Crisis Management and Family Governance

How can I safeguard my family values and assets and start a conversation to avoid any confusion about these within the family going forward?

Tensions inevitably increase during uncertainty and this is particularly acute when members of the family are incapacitated or face an unexpected death. Confusion may lead to inaction over important tasks which, unattended, may in turn impact the value of family assets and test family relationships further.

To pre-empt these issues, families may put in place a family charter which sets out what to do and who should do it, and importantly how it should be done - the aim being to protect family values and assets in a way which encourages family harmony and purpose.

Once these decisions have been made through the charter, this will also help guide the family on practical matters and the order of communication in the event of incapacity or unexpected death with advisers, bankers, business stakeholders, commercial and philanthropy partners, as well as the press and other interested parties.

Working with your advisers, the charter will evolve and dovetail with your overall strategy and changing family situation and be an important tool in growing your wealth and managing your succession in tune with your family values.