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Focus on Fundraising: a brave new world

There has been a great deal of activity in the charity fundraising arena in the last eighteen months.

This has included issues around:

  • excessively persistent requests to individuals to donate,
  • the failure of fundraising agencies causing extensive losses to charities and therefore affecting public monies raised,
  • the accountability of high profile charities in terms of funds raised and related  governance issues, and recently
  • charities being fined for misuse of data.

This has attracted a lot of adverse publicity to the charity sector generally.

As a result there has been a major review of how fundraising is controlled and consultation about appropriate measures that could be taken. In order for the control and monitoring to continue to be independent (of statute) a new Fundraising Regulator has been established which is formulating rules of engagement with the public, and ways of working for charities, including a new, revised fundraising code. In addition it has addressed some of the issues (particularly regarding vulnerable individuals) in the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016. However the government has said that if self-regulation does not work, it is prepared to step in.

We will be advising on many of these issues and the developments as the new regulatory regime continues to evolve.

For further information on fundraising issues please contact Sarah Rowley.