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Our China Team: An overview

Helen Wong, China Team Lead, gives an introduction of our China Team and how we can work with you.


Hello. My name is Helen Wong and I am a partner with Charles Russell Speechlys. I am also the Global Lead of our China desk and I am delighted to talk to you today about the service offering that we can provide. Personally I am a corporate lawyer that looks after high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and companies and in particular I assist businesses and individuals with their cross border investments. This desk was set up for two purposes. Firstly to assist Chinese businesses who want to invest outwardly, whether it be the UK, the UAE, Africa and beyond. The second element of the China desk is that we assist UK businesses who want to invest into China and we work with various law firms over in China to assist with those projects. I am also delighted to share with you that I was awarded the prestigious Member of the British Empire by Her Majesty the Queen and in my particular year I was one of four Chinese persons who received this award. So I would be delighted to assist you with your cross border transactions.

And now I would like to talk to you about Charles Russell Speechlys. This is a fantastic firm that I recently joined and it has an international dimension and focus. In particular it has eight international offices across Europe, the Middle East and Hong Kong. This is a perfect firm for Chinese businesses who want to invest across the world because a large number of our client base is international and are in the business of dealing with numerous jurisdictions. I myself have been helping Chinese entitles to invest into the UK and working closely with our peers in the Chinese law firms have been helping with project managing various other project. As well as the international offices I mentioned, we also have regional desks including the China desk. That means that we have fluent Mandarin and Cantonese speakers.

Our global China desk is headed by myself Helen Wong and it combines the expertise of various firms that will work within China and we can provide guidance and advice to help you with all your market entry needs and legal strategy. We can support Chinese individuals and also companies to identify strategic business and investment partners in both the UK and anywhere that business is. We are particularly versed on market entry whether it be listings, acquisitions, property and immigration.

I joined the firm in 2020 and I am delighted to have launched this China desk with the head of the Global Markets Group, Michael Lingens and it was designed to provide a seamless service for our clients to help a number of our UK companies with their international strategies and it’s been extremely successful. It has now expanded into our 12 offices and provides global connectivity with over 200 jurisdictions. Charles Russell Speechlys China desk is part of a wider global markets initiative. We work closely with our Africa desk, our India desk, our North American desk and of course Hong Kong.

The Charles Russell Speechlys China desk has the legal, cultural, business and language skills required to help you succeed in business across the world. Not only are we able to facilitate introductions and networking opportunities but we can execute the work. We can project manage very big cross border transactions and we have that in-depth understanding of Chinese business.

I have helped numerous clients with practical legal advice in particular with market entry into businesses that seem slightly different from what they’re familiar with, assisting them with introductions to accountants, to nomads if they want to list, to problem solving. What we want to be is your trusted adviser. Any time there’s a China angle we would love to get involved. Members of my team in the China desk can offer hands on experience, expertise and guide you step by step across UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East and beyond. So the desk has the facility to draw near and wide to get as much in-depth experience and expertise as your transaction requires. It would be our absolute pleasure to assist you.