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Building Up

01 February 2021

Welcome to Building Up. We draw together our experts’ insight and market intelligence to help you grapple with the challenges arising in optimising the potential of your development sites

With pressure for growth and land values at record levels in certain areas, our clients are looking for creative ways to deliver and fund high quality development at increased densities. This applies to all types of development whether commercial, retail, residential (build to rent or for sale) or mixed use.

The obvious answer is to build up but experience suggests that achieving significant height brings with it a number of particular challenges. As your development moves from the architect’s drawing board and into the world of planning and construction, further challenges arise in relation to the costs, funding and deliverability of procuring high density schemes within our crowded cities.

These challenges are not limited to the construction of entirely new tall buildings. Similar issues can arise when adding additional storeys to existing buildings, infilling undeveloped areas and expanding outwards to fulfil the potential of a site.

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