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Brexit: implications for you and your business

10 October 2018

Post-Article 50: Brexit Timeline


31 December

End of transition period


At this stage you definitely need to consider how you hold your assets and what will happen in the event of your death.  It is important to note that until a Decree Absolute is granted your existing will (if you have one) takes effect regardless of your relationship breakdown, and the chances are that you have left at least something to your spouse under that will.  If you have no will in place, your spouse may inherit some of your estate under the intestacy rules.  It is also important to be aware of the legal impact that your marriage may have had on a previous will – please see our separate FAQs page for more information.  You need to ensure that you remain in control of what happens to your estate should you die whilst separated from your spouse.

Our flexible wills can be put in place at this stage, and they can help protect your assets and pass control to trustees on your death, even if your children are too young at this stage to take control of the assets themselves.  Decisions can be made by your trustees as to the most appropriate way to distribute your assets between your chosen beneficiaries.  If your relationship with your spouse improves, your flexible will is able to accommodate that.


13-14 December

EU Summit (If no deal has been done by Oct, this is a fallback date to complete agreement)

30 November-1 December

G20 Summit (in Argentina)


UK Parliament votes on final Brexit agreement


18-19 October

EU Summit in Austria - end of Article 50 negotiations


30 September

Conservative conference

23-26 September

Labour conference

15-18 September

Liberal Democrat conference

9 September

Swedish General Election

3 September

EU Taskforce met the House of Commons Committee on Exiting the European Union (in Brussels)


23 August

UK Government publishes the first set of technical notices on how to prepare for no-deal Brexit

21 August

UK Government's new Export Strategy to help businesses sell overseas


24 July

White paper on legislating for the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the European Union

19 July

Haulage Permits and Trailer Registration Bill received Royal Assent

17 July

First reading of Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill

12-14 July

President Trump visits the UK

12 July

UK Government publishes white paper on the future UK-EU relationship

9 July

Resignation of Brexit Minister David Davis


28-29 June

European Council meeting

26 June

Nuclear Safeguards Bill received Royal Assent

26 June

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill 2017-19 receives Royal Assent

21 June

EU Settlement Scheme statement of intent - how EU citizens and their families can obtain settled status in the UK


4 May

Italian general election


22-23 March

European Council meeting


26-27 February

Round of Article 50 negotiations

20 February

Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018

19-20 February

Round of Article 50 negotiations

6-9 February

Round of Article 50 negotiations

2 February

Programme published for Article 50 negotiations


29 January

Council adopts negotiating directives on transitional arrangements

16 January

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill enters Report Stage


15 December

European Council adopts phase two negotiating guidelines

8 December

European Commission recommends sufficient progress to European Council


21 November

EU27 ministers decide EMA will relocate to Amsterdam

21 November

EU27 ministers decide EBA will relocate to Paris

20 November

Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill 2017-19

14 November

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill enters

13 November

Withdrawal Agreement and Implementation Bill announced

9-10 November

Sixth round of Article 50 negotiations

7 November

Trade Bill 2017-19 introduced to Parliament


19-20 October

European Council meeting

18 October

Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill 2017-19

17 October

General Affairs Council meeting to discuss the relocation of EMA and EBA

11 October

Nuclear Safeguards Bill 2017-19 introduced to Parliament

9-12 October

Fifth round of Article 50 negotiations

3 October

European Parliament resolution on sufficient progress in talks


25-28 September

Fourth round of Article 50 negotiations

24 September

Angela Merkel re-elected German Chancellor

22 September

Theresa May gives speech about Brexit in Florence

13 September

Data Protection Bill 2017-19 introduced to Parliament


28-31 August

Third round of Article 50 negotiations


17-20 July

Second round of Article 50 negotiations

13 July

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill 2017-19 introduction to Parliament


22-23 June

European Council meeting

21 June

Queen's Speech in Parliament

19 June

First round of Article 50 negotiations

8 June

Theresa May re-elected as PM


29 May

High Court in Dublin discontinues case on revoking Article 50 notice

22 May

Council adopts negotiating directives and authorises start of Brexit talks

16 May

ECJ opinion on whether EU must conclude Singapore FTA as mixed agreement

7 May

Emmanuel Macron elected President of France

3 May

European Commission recommendation for Council decision to begin Brexit talks


29 April

European Council adopts negotiating guidelines

23 April

First round of French presidential elections

5 April

European Parliament resolution setting out position on negotiations


29 March

UK goverment gives Article 50 notice

16 March

EU (Notification OF Withdrawal) Act 2017 comes into force

15 March

Mark Rutte re-elected Dutch PM

9-10 March

European Council meeting

8 March

EU Tripatite Social Summit


7 December

House of Commons votes to trigger Article 50

4 December

Italian referendum on constitutional reform


8 November

Donald Trump elected US President


23 June

UK referendum on EU membership