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Charles Russell Speechlys won the Platinum Award in the City of London's Clean City Awards Scheme

As a top UK law firm, we understand that it is our responsibility to be a role model in the business environment space, with a particular focus on waste management. Essential though it is, waste management often doesn't tend to enjoy a high profile in a commercial organisation, except when it goes wrong.

The Clean City Awards Scheme was launched in 1994 with the intent to draw attention to the responsibility City businesses hold in waste management. They realised it was important for businesses to be recognised and rewarded for their efforts towards the primary methods of waste management – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Since joining the scheme we are pleased to have become the Platinum Award Winner for 2019.

We won by virtue of a wide range of projects including the introduction of water bottles, keep cups, reduced paper consumption and food waste reduction initiatives, as well as our use of vegware in our staff restaurant (“Charlies”) and recycling.

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