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    Introduction to our Elevate Programme

As a key client, we have placed Stonegate onto our Elevate programme.

The programme has been designed to acknowledge and reward the firm’s key clients by committing to providing gold standard relationship excellence, by putting your needs at the heart of everything that we do. This goes beyond providing you with just legal advice, and involves us staying attuned to your wider business requirements, by deploying our value-added services to support your business, your people, and your commercial goals.

We would be delighted to build on our established relationship with Stonegate, and give your team access to the full range of our resources, training, tools, and knowledge. As a member of the Elevate programme, below is an overview of some of these value-added services. If you have questions about the programme, or anything else in this document, please contact your Client Relationship Partner, Lee Medlock.

Knowledge resources

We have a wide range of resources at our disposal to share with you. To ensure that we are sharing this information in the most digestible and streamlined way, we suggest that you store these resources on your own personal HighQ site.

Under the terms of our licence, we can make information available to you from LexisNexis, Westlaw, Practical Law, and From Counsel on a case-by-case basis, and can offer support and assistance on specific queries from our research team. We also have memberships and industry publication subscriptions and would be pleased to share our insights from these with you.


Many of our team have had the advantage of undertaking a secondment, and equally, many of our clients have benefitted from exposure to our private practice. We therefore understand the value in having members of your team seconded to us, and ours to yours, including deepening our mutual understanding of each other’s organisations. When practical, we are happy to discuss secondments and reverse secondments with you.



We understand that Stonegate operates in a fast moving and complex market. We have developed a range of easy-to-use tools (timelines, toolkits, flowcharts, checklists) around complex topics as they arise. We regularly produce podcasts and webinars on a range of topics. We would be delighted to share any, and all, topics we believe would be of benefit to your team.

Horizon scanning

Our research team tracks legal developments, government consultations and cases around a range of legal issues including supply chain issues, intellectual property, consumer law and e-commerce. They can track any specific issues or cases for you upon request. We have developed an advanced approach to horizon scanning and will distil this information into free-to-access thought leadership pieces and blog posts on a variety of legal topics on our website, many of which would be of interest to Stonegate. These will be uploaded to your bespoke HighQ site.

Legal training

We recognise that motivating and developing your people is key to your success and would be delighted to continue working collaboratively to address any specific training needs. Helping you to identify your training and development priorities will enable you to achieve your business objectives, and we are happy to offer you a wide range of both technical legal and other training sessions.

Non-legal training

Whilst we are your lawyers, we also want to support your people with their personal and career development. As part of our close collaborative relationship, we would be delighted to offer Stonegate team members places on our CRS Business School’s Accelerate Programme. The purpose of this programme is to develop the professional business skills of junior team members, building a platform in which individuals have the opportunity to start planning their career route.

As an alternative, we can offer you a selection of the workshops below to your legal team and others:

  • Why collaboration really matters
  • Building high-performing teams
  • Developing creativity and innovation within your organisation
  • The importance of coaching your team
  • Leading change in a complex world
  • Developing strategy and leading change
  • What it takes to be an inspirational leader

We would be happy to discuss how we could deliver these or other topics at your convenience and explore innovative mediums to share these insights.

Helping you achieve your ESG goals

As a key client of our firm, we aspire to be a trusted and collaborative partner of Stonegate on all matters, including non-legal issues affecting your business. We also understand the value of having legal advisers who share your commitment to conducting business responsibly and who can help support you to achieve your goals and targets in this area.

In 2021, our firm became one of the first in the legal market to appoint a Partner, Kerry Stares, who is dedicated to Responsible Business. Kerry will work with you – without charge - to make sure we understand and are supporting your ESG goals, whether that’s by connecting you with the right lawyers at the firm to advise on ESG-related issues, or collaborating on ESG projects as collaborative business partners with a common purpose. We would be delighted to explore avenues for ESG-related advice and collaboration, including:

Horizon scanning and keeping you up to speed with the fast changing legal, regulatory and risk landscape on ESG issues.

We have invested in a dedicated ESG Knowledge Lawyer for the firm, Emily Sutton, who is tracking interesting developments and will keep our clients posted in a quarterly ESG bulletin, launching next month.

Diversity, inclusion and social mobility as a priority social (S) and governance (G) issue for our businesses.

Click here to read our responsible business report which includes details of some of our flagship initiatives in this area. We should be delighted to explore opportunities to collaborate with you to expand the reach and enhance the impact of these programmes and/or to explore how we can support the work you are already doing through the Ignite programme and any other social mobility initiatives you are developing for your in-house legal team.

Social impact and community investment.

Like you, we recognise that supporting our communities and having a positive social impact is part of our responsibility as a business. In particular, as a leading international law firm, we believe we have an important role to play in helping to level the playing field by improving access to justice, education, and to professional opportunities for disadvantaged groups. We have made a conscious decision to move away from a model of supporting one partner charity on an annual basis, and have instead shifted to a longer-term partnership model through the new Charles Russell Speechlys Foundation, with the aim of building multilayered, multi-year relationships with high impact organisations. If helpful to you as you continue to develop your own social impact programmes, we are very open indeed to sharing we what have learned (and continue to learn!) from this change in strategy, and are keen to learn from you in turn.

The importance of networks and peer-to-peer support.

Kerry works with a wide range of our client organisations and their ESG/ sustainability professionals and is always pleased to connect informally with her peers to share experiences, bounce ideas and discuss challenges. We are also pleased to put our contacts and networks to good use and can convene informal discussion or working groups of leaders and sustainability professionals to navigate

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