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Cricket, tickets and blockchain; a belated 2020 prediction

It hasn't yet been a month since the new decade opened up but already those "trends to watch in 2020" lists are beginning to fade in the memory as we all get our teeth stuck into doing some actual work. 

Blockchain did not feature especially prominently in those lists I read, but it has been an enduring theme over the last year or two. In some cases, the technology has been put forward as the answer to problems that frankly could be solved more simply without using blockchain.  When applied to ticketing though, it brings benefits not easily matched by other tech. 

My eye was caught by this article in The Ticketing Business on Lancashire Cricket Club adopting blockchain solution TIXnGO to solve some of their ticketing challenges. At our Ticketing Summit back in May, we were lucky enough to have a presentation from the very smart Alan and Annika from Aventus (get your podcast here folks). That and the contributions from others like Steve Machin from FanDragon really opened my eyes to how well suited blockchain is to helping to address issues like counterfeiting and the unauthorised transfer of tickets.

Before my prediction: a caveat. I did predict about 10 years ago that foldable mobile phone screens were just around the corner. That has yet to come to pass! Perhaps though I am on safer ground in saying that 2020 will see blockchain will breakthrough to the mainstream, with ticketing applications playing a prominent role.  


TIXnGO creates a unique, encrypted ticket for smartphones that is completely traceable, removes the risk of counterfeit tickets and simplifies the process of transferring or reselling tickets for the customer.

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