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ESG – Searching for substance behind the acronym

ESG is an acronym much used but perhaps less understood. Externally, with particular reference to the “E” and the “S”, it describes a range of impacts that a company or business has on both people and the planet. The “G” describes the internal workings of a corporate entity and the extent to which the mechanisms, systems and structures implemented by those in senior positions within a company create a culture that enables that company to meet its business, environmental and societal goals. However, as is increasingly recognised, environmental and societal goals can and should relate to and enhance a company’s business plan and commercial success. Indeed, a company’s culture is central to delivering on its objectives and purpose.

Download our white paper

We have partnered with leading investor services group IQ-EQ to produce a white paper searching for the substance behind the ESG acronym. In this white paper we discuss:

  • What is ESG?
  • How it could impact your business?
  • How it effects your investments and stakeholder relationships?
  • What it means for the future of your business?
  • The impact of COVID-19?

Download your copy of our interactive white paper below.


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