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    Untangling the Atlantic Knot: Navigating US/UK Legal Issues

This is the story of Chris, a Brit, and Sam from the US. In this podcast we explore issues faced by this transatlantic couple including their businesses and their assets in a US to UK, cross-border context.

Chris is a Brit. He is the heir of a significant UK family business, specialising in high-end retail. The plan has always been for Chris to take over the family business.

In preparation for Chris joining the family business, his parents have sent him to Harvard Business School, where he has been enjoying his classes and making fantastic contacts.

In fact, he has made the ultimate contact: Sam. She is the child of a California real estate tycoon.  Whilst deciding what to do next, Sam has also been studying at Harvard Business School.

Chris and Sam have fallen in love and want to get married.

In each episode, we will investigate a different aspect of the transatlantic legal issues that Chris and Sam face. 

Episode 1 – Moving from the US to the UK

Chris and Sam have decided to move to the UK.  Sam therefore needs to investigate which immigration status will best suit them. 

Episode 2 – Tax reporting and compliance for US citizens living in the UK

Once settled in the UK, Sam quickly realises that they cannot easily escape the IRS.  As a US citizen, Sam must continue to report and pay taxes to the IRS.  But as a UK resident, Sam also needs to navigate the UK tax system.

Episode 3 – Wills for mixed US/UK couples

Before Chris and Sam “settle down”, they have decided to go on a sailing adventure.  Quite rightly, their parents are insisting that they make Wills.  But what should these say?

Bonus episode – FATCA and information exchange

Over the last 5 years, taxpayers are required to provide an increasing amount of information to tax authorities, and this information is regularly shared internationally.  FATCA also made many people realise for the first time that they are actually US persons. In this episode, Iain Younger and Mark Summers discuss their practical experiences of the new tax reporting regimes.

For more information on issues raised in this podcast series or suggestions for future topics please email untangled@crsblaw.com.

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