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Swiss/UK Untangled Podcast: Cross-border legal issues for international families

This is the story of Heidi who is Swiss, and Henry, a Brit.

In this podcast series we explore issues faced by this international couple, their businesses and their assets in a UK/Switzerland cross-border context. We will follow their story in good times and in bad times, to untangle the legal knots and help them spot opportunities.

Heidi is Swiss and heir to a significant family technology business. The plan has always been for her to take over the family business. In preparation for this, Heidi studied in the UK, where she also met Henry.

Henry is British and his family own a lot of real estate in the UK, much of it in trust.

Heidi and Henry have fallen in love and want to get married. In each episode, we will investigate a different aspect of the legal issues that Heidi and Henry face.

Episode 1 – Moving to Switzerland from the UK

With Alice Martin and Grégoire Uldry.
Heidi wants Henry to move to Switzerland before they get married. Henry needs to know what his options are, and what he needs to think about before he moves. Does he need a visa and/or a ‘lump sum’ tax arrangement? What about his family trusts? Can he continue working for his UK family business from Switzerland? What pre-location steps should he be taking?

Episode 2 – Do they need a pre-nup? What is a matrimonial property regime?

With Alice Martin and Michael Wells-Greco.
Before they tie the knot, Henry’s parents want him to have a ‘pre-nuptial agreement’, to protect family money in case of a divorce. Heidi’s family say this can be dealt with by electing into the appropriate ‘matrimonial property regime’. Are they both right and does it matter which country they get married in?

Episode 3 – Wills forSwiss/UK couples

With Alice Martin and Sophie Hart.
Before Heidi and Henry “settle down”, they decide to go on a free-ride skiing adventure. Do they need Wills? What should these say? What happens following an accident if one of them survives, but loses mental capacity?


More episodes will following regarding their businesses, their children and family disputes – we will stay with them in good times and in bad.

For more information on issues raised in this podcast series or suggestions for future topics please email untangled@crsblaw.com.

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