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    Risk Mitigation for F&B Businesses

A three-part video series on risk mitigation for F&B businesses.

Over the next six weeks, we will be releasing a three-part video series on risk mitigation for F&B businesses.

In this video series, our Commercial Dispute Resolution team offers practical guidance to help F&B businesses identify risk and mitigate its impact. 

There are a wide variety of legal issues that can significantly impact food and beverage businesses, from product liability issues and allergen protocols to health and safety matters and customer complaints.

In an environment where non-compliance can lead to fines, legal proceedings and extensive reputational damage, ensuring that you are up to date with the relevant laws is essential to the smooth operation of your business.

In this three-part video series, we discuss the key pressure points to consider, including allergens and supply chains, contracts and documents, and receipt of disputes and executive liability, with steps to take to help you curb risk wherever possible.

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Allergens and supply chains

We look at the responsibilities that food and beverage businesses have when it comes to food allergens and labelling.

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Contracts and documents

We focus on establishing a streamlined system to document your contracts; a crucial part of managing your business and its relationships efficiently.

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