What can I do now to minimise the impact of potential tax rises to fund current government borrowing?

We have learnt the Treasury is considering options to cover the huge dent to public finances inevitably wrought by the ongoing lockdown.

Amongst the options considered are, inevitably, tax increases.  While there is a valid and interesting economic debate to be had around whether tax increases as opposed to tax competitiveness are the way forward, we should probably be realistic and steel ourselves for a coming high tax environment.

Looking for a silver lining, one of the upsides of currently depressed asset valuations is the possibility of longer term planning when values are low.

Here are some plans you can put in place now.

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Tax efficient gifting

If there is a silver lining in the current economic situation it might be that it creates opportunities for tax efficient gifts to be made.

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What should I be thinking about with my family business during the pandemic?

Watch Julia Cox provide hints and tips for owners of family businesses

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What should I consider when gifting heritage and farm property assets?

Listen to Alex Caton and Louise Paterson discuss gifting heritage and farm property assets.

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Julia Cox appears on the FT Money Show to discuss intergenerational wealth transfer

Julia Cox appears on the FT Money Show to discuss intergenerational wealth transfer

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Sophie Dworetzsky writes for eprivateclient on the future of Capital Gains Tax in light of the Covid-19 pandemic

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Unmarried Couples and Financial Claims for Children_750

Will couples who were locked down together stay together? Cohabitation in the wake of COVID-19

When the first lockdown measures were introduced, many couples were faced with an ultimatum: either move in together or isolate separately

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The Bank of Gran and Grandad

Research shows over a third of grandparents have given a financial boost to their grandchildren and a further third have plans to do so.

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Capital Gains Tax – is change afoot?

The Office of Tax Simplification has published its first report into the review of capital gains tax (CGT) reform.

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