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UK Trust Establishment, Administration & Taxation Lawyers

With many families reviewing their personal estate planning in light of the current pandemic, many are looking to trusts as a means to protect their assets.

Trust Establishment: What do I need to consider?

Trusts are a popular structure for families to use but it is important to make the trust work for you and your personal circumstances. There are various options to choose from - whether a traditional domestic trust or perhaps an alternative structure. Equally, your interests may suit a more commercial structure such as a partnership or company. In some complex cases a tailor made structure might combine all of these elements.

An integral part of our advice will be to focus on the tax implications and whether the on-going financial commitments warrant the return. A sound understanding of your financial, business and family circumstances and objectives is essential. We will co-ordinate and “project manage” work requiring the involvement of advisers in other fields and jurisdictions.

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As well as advising founders or “settlors” and their families, we also support trustees.

Trust Management: How do I manage a trust once established?

Many of our clients like us to maintain and administer their trusts. We manage over 800 trusts on behalf of clients; some of these have been in existence for generations, but many are more recent. These cover UK resident family, charitable and personal injury trusts, with a wide range of trust assets including cash, investments, family company shares, land and houses.

We support UK trustees in the management, accounting and tax issues they face, including:

  • providing professional trustees where required, including our own dedicated trust corporation
  • preparing trust accounts and financial statements
  • liaising as required with investment advisers
  • managing all the trust's tax affairs, including calculating tax liabilities, meeting HMRC compliance requirements and dealing with beneficiaries' trust tax affairs
  • recording the trust's investment policies and monitoring investment performance.

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