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Reputation Management

Our team of experienced media dispute specialists is highly attuned to advising private individuals on ‘reputation management’ issues, which occur when clients are the subject of unwanted media attention, threatened or actual.

This involves rapid-reaction negotiation and action, most usually against the press and the proliferating range of social media on the internet, often at short notice and out-of-hours. The global nature of 21st century media means that this can involve coordinating international advice. The team can also coordinate urgent criminal law advice, “superinjunctions” for intrusions into privacy or breaches of confidentiality, as well as copyright and contractual disputes.

We have a very successful track record in achieving the primary aim of delivering speedy, discreet and effective resolution of issues wherever possible, without the need for expensive and often counter-productive litigation (and if appropriate, in conjunction with the Independent Press Standards Organisation or Ofcom). Where litigation is the right option, the team has a strong reputation for winning cases on behalf of our clients.

Our individual clients include high net worth and high profile businessmen, women and families, sports stars, entertainers and other public figures. Successfully avoiding unwanted publicity about our clients and their families and businesses is often a measure of our success.