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The UK tax rules have been designed to be attractive to wealthy international individuals, both to live and to invest in the UK.

Those tax rules are complex and in recent years have been changing at a bewildering pace.

The UK remains an appealing place for international private clients to live and acquire a home, but it has never been more important to take detailed professional advice before coming to the UK or acquiring a property. Waiting until after your arrival or acquisition of a property is likely to be leaving it until too late.

Asset holding structures: what options should I be considering?

In recent years, there has been a growing need to take proactive steps to protect personal, business and family wealth from the impact of relationship breakdown, succession disputes and misappropriation of assets. This is often done through the use of trusts and similar asset holding vehicles. The choice of both vehicle and jurisdiction is vital, as is a deep understanding of the family and the governance issues involved.

We can help you with any of these issues, as well as finding solutions where conflicting tax and legal regimes affect international families and their wealth structures.

Residence and Domicile: what do I need to know?

Your liability to tax in the UK will depend largely on your “residence” and “domicile” status.  We are able to help you to understand your position in relation to these rules and the UK tax system if you are coming to live in the UK or own assets in the UK.  We can also advise you how the different tests for tax and immigration purposes interact, and demonstrate how you can achieve maximum flexibility in your and your family’s presence in the UK.

For more information about our wider international practice, and how we can support families across all areas of immigration, family, reputation, philanthropy and so on, please click here.

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