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Your business might find itself facing serious allegations relating to the conduct of its affairs having been victim to a spectrum of dishonest actions by third parties. It may also be placed in a position where it has no alternative but to pursue others, be it employees, directors, suppliers or professional advisers to recover property, seek damages or protect its reputation.

Clients recognise our expertise in pursuing and defending complex and large scale civil fraud actions across multiple jurisdictions as well as carrying out investigations where clients suspect they may have been the victim of wrongdoing. 

We have extensive experience in obtaining and resisting the type of emergency relief that fraud cases inevitably involve, including freezing orders, injunctions and search orders. We also advise on internal risk management policies and procedures that can be put in place to protect against dishonest business practices.

Our clients benefit from our proven track record in carrying out asset tracing, particularly in the context of complex global financial structures and trust arrangements.  We can assemble and manage specialised international teams at very short notice, using our established network of foreign advisers, including forensic accounting and IT specialists who have expertise in this area.