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Crisis Management

Intense scrutiny from law enforcement agencies, regulators, the press or public could focus on your business with little or no warning. 

Our multi-disciplinary team will advise on appropriate measures to take when issues first arise, the most effective strategic approach to be adopted and can assist with any internal investigations to establish the facts and identify potential liabilities, ensuring that this is covered by legal privilege to the full extent possible. 

With extensive experience advising clients from a wide range of industries and backgrounds, we understand that criminal charges, civil proceedings or reputational damage may be a fundamental threat to the ongoing operation of your business.

We liaise with law enforcement agencies and regulators and represent parties in the adversarial or inquisitorial proceedings which may follow, including highly complex long running multi-party proceedings. We work closely with colleagues across the firm to provide a comprehensive and seamless service to clients where the nature of the issues arising requires additional specialist input.