Design Rights Legal Services

Design Rights are an important part of an organisations’ IP portfolio as they protect the appearance of a product, including its shape, colour, texture and ornamentation.

There are several different types of design right, each offering different levels of protection, but early identification and registration is advisable to gain the most comprehensive level of protection.

We will advise you on the protection and enforcement of designs nationally and internationally using all manner of registered and unregistered protection available. Our advice in this complex area is informed by detailed knowledge of the formalities and technical provisions, as well as experience successfully enforcing design protection in the Courts.

We currently advise a wide range of clients, from small UK businesses to leading international industrial corporations and from luxury one off designs, to artistic and functional mass produced articles.

Our design rights legal expertise

  • Advising on and obtaining UK and EU registered design protection
  • Implementing international registered design protection programmes and managing design portfolios
  • Disputes and issues related to disputes, including registered and unregistered design infringement, validity, ownership and licensing
  • Commercialisation of designs

As part of our IP in a Pod podcast series, the team have discussed both EU and UK Design Rights and the impact of Brexit on these rights. Part 1 starts the discussion by looking at EU rights, followed by an exploration of UK rights in Part 2. Do not hesitate to contact a member of your team if you have any queries.

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