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Copyright & Databases

Copyright can be the unsung hero in businesses’ IP portfolios.  It arises automatically without registration in the UK and offers protection on an international scale. 

Covering a wide variety of media, copyright protection includes artistic, musical and literary works alongside broadcasts, films and performances.  From fashion and jewellery design to software, from photographs to manuals, from advertisements to technical drawings and from web designs to customer databases, we can assist you in securing ownership, enforcing, and exploiting these valuable rights in a sensible commercial way, tailored to your business needs.  Our services include:

  • Advising on commissioning works from third parties and securing ownership
  • Advising on the protection of software and databases
  • Bringing or defending copyright and database right infringement actions
  • Anti-piracy strategies including co-ordinating international anti-piracy action
  • Legal issues relating to fine art
  • Advising on publishing and broadcasting agreements and disputes
  • Management of global portfolios
  • Audits