Confidential Information & Trade Secret Lawyers

Your organisation’s confidential information may be one of its most valuable assets.

We can advise you regarding the protection and commercialisation of that information as well as taking steps to prevent its misuse including:

  • Protection strategies covering policies, technical measures, contractual protection and training
  • Building and documenting portfolios of confidential information for commercialisation
  • Assessment of confidential information in the context of your intellectual property and other assets, including possible applications for registered IP protection as well as taking steps to prevent blocking registrations by others
  • Transactions involving confidential information, including disposals and licensing; these can be some of the most challenging transactions, but the financial rewards can be considerable
  • Working on an international basis, taking advantage of the new legislation, such as the EU’s Trade Secrets Directive and the Defend Trade Secrets Act in the United States
  • Protection of confidential information in litigation and M&A situations including common interest agreements
  • Advice on the important related issues under employment and competition laws
  • Litigation to act swiftly to prevent misuse and/or claim damages or even defend against a claim that you are using third party confidential information.

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