Commercialising Intellectual Property

Commercialising Intellectual Property Legal Services

Your IP is a valuable asset and it is important to maximise the value of IP to your business through licensing, acquisitions or disposals.

Our commercial and IP lawyers can advise you on all intellectual property transactions, including your most important and complex ones. We are well known as a leading practice for this speciality, particularly in regards to transactions with cross-border implications.

We will work closely with you to develop and commercialise portfolios of all kinds of intellectual property. For us, the focus is on creating and protecting value for you. We always seek to understand the commercial backdrop affecting your business and then use our experience and legal knowledge to advise on the best means of achieving your objectives.

Our commercial Intellectual Property expertise

We are widely recognised for our significant expertise and in-depth knowledge in the strategic protection and commercialisation of intellectual property.

We offer:

  • Advice on transactions and agreements relating to all forms of intellectual property, including acquisition, disposal and licensing;
  • Advice on intellectual property holding structures and re-structuring;
  • Joint ownership and commercialisation agreements, often in the context of the development of rights and split commercialisation;
  • Protocols for management of intellectual property, including jointly owned portfolios or pools of property;
  • Related agreements such as research and development agreements, confidentiality undertakings, and various contracts and practical arrangements for protecting know-how;
  • Franchising, merchandising, sponsorship and other forms of brands-related transactions;
  • Image rights advice and endorsement agreements for clients in the sports space;
  • Advice on other forms of intellectual property exploitation such as broadcasting or streaming.

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