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Intellectual Property

Virtually every business worldwide has intellectual property which may be of vital importance to its continued success.

Our role is to enable our clients to make the most of their intellectual property assets through protection, enforcement and commercialisation. Clients range from huge multi-nationals to start ups, and fast growing high-tech companies to family businesses.

Why us?

We have a highly rated and substantial team of lawyers specialising in all aspects of intellectual property law. Our lawyers see opportunities where others see only obstacles. We provide clear and commercially focused advice based on a combination of industry experience and a global outlook. Indeed, we are one of the few leading City law firms with the commitment and ability to provide a holistic approach (and a complete ‘one stop shop’) to meet the needs of clients across the full range of intellectual property.

What we do

Protection: Our team will work with you to establish your needs and objectives for IP protection. We will identify the most suitable form, geographical extent, and availability of protection, always with a focus on your specific business needs both current and future, taking into account the need for contractual protection of ownership, and confidential information.  We implement registered trade mark and design programmes, and manage portfolios nationally and internationally – we have looked after some clients’ brands for decades.

Enforcement: We provide cost effective advice and action to prevent the unauthorised use of your IP. Our focus is on dispute resolution where possible and swift action where time is of the essence and/or settlement is not an option, such as with counterfeit goods or where an injunction is necessary to prevent substantial damage to your business. If you receive or are threatened with a claim, we will provide commercially sensible advice as to how best to resolve the issue, and assist in achieving the best outcome for your business, whether through negotiation or vigorous defence of proceedings – taking into account the bigger picture.

Commercialisation: Your IP is a very valuable asset. We can assist with maximising the value of IP to your business through licensing, acquisitions or disposals. We cover a broad range of commercial needs from research, development and joint ventures to franchising and merchandising.