Corporate Immigration Legal Services

An organisation’s people are critical to its success.

We understand that any business, be it a start-up or a multi-national, needs to recruit and retain the right workforce to help it grow and thrive.

We assist HR professionals, in-house lawyers, directors, and entrepreneurs to navigate the complex laws surrounding the sponsorship of migrant workers, licensing and compliance, short-term business visitors, and non-sponsorship solutions.

A globally mobile workforce is increasingly key for businesses in today’s world. We take a practical and commercial approach, taking the time to understand both your business and your people to determine the best strategy. Our breadth of knowledge and experience means you can be confident we’re getting it right the first time, minimising the risk of costly errors further down the line. Should unexpected issues arise, we provide a fast and proactive approach to problem-solving.

We assist our clients with a vast spectrum of issues, from everyday queries to the most complex of applications. We regularly provide bespoke, in-house training to HR professionals and in-house legal teams.

Our corporate immigration legal expertise:

Sponsor licence applications

We have extensive experience assisting myriad types of businesses with applications to sponsor migrant workers in the Skilled Worker and Intra-Company transfer routes. These applications require careful forethought and planning to ensure the licence can be set up in the way that best serves your business while ensuring that Home Office requirements are fully complied with. We can assist with time-sensitive applications and have a track record of successful representations to the Home Office on behalf of our clients.

Sponsorship of migrant workers

Working out how to recruit and retain the right staff for your business can be challenging enough, and even more so when complex immigration matters are involved. We specialise in helping HR professionals, in-house lawyers, directors and entrepreneurs navigate the rules to sponsor the right individuals in the right way. Our flexible service options mean we can provide everything from a ‘light-touch’ service to a full-service including assisting with the migrant’s end to end visa journey.

Global mobility and business expansion

A globally mobile workforce is increasingly essential to many businesses, with each organisation and each individual having their own unique needs and goals. We are experienced in advising on all immigration aspects of UK business expansion, both for the organisation itself and its people. Our breadth of experience means we are well-placed to advise on the complete range of options that may be available to an individual and any family members travelling with them.

We work closely with our Employment, Corporate, Commercial, Tax, and Real Estate teams to provide a full-service approach. Should you need cross-jurisdictional advice, our international offices and trusted global network of partner firms will be well-placed to assist.

Sponsor compliance including licence management, audit preparation, and responding to suspensions or revocations

Becoming a Home-Office approved sponsor brings with it a raft of compliance obligations and the published guidance is often lengthy and confusing. We work with HR professionals, in-house lawyers, directors, and entrepreneurs to help them make sense of this regime. We will help you work out what it means for your specific business, how your policies and processes can help you maintain compliance, and what you can do to protect your business if issues arise.

We will also work closely with our Employment team where required to ensure that any employee issues are handled sensitively and appropriately.

Right to work issues and the prevention of illegal working

All UK employers must comply with the right to work regime and getting this process right is fundamental to the smooth running of a business. We work with HR professionals, in-house lawyers, directors, and entrepreneurs to make sense of this regime and can be on-hand to advise on any issues that arise, be they large or small.

We will also work closely with our Employment team where required to ensure that any employee issues are handled sensitively and appropriately.

Frontier Worker Permits

Many employers may not be aware that EEA & Swiss workers who regularly travelled to the UK for work before 31 December 2020 may be eligible to continue doing so under a Frontier Worker Permit. We can help you determine if the legal criteria are met and assist you in putting together a comprehensive, evidence-based application to give you and your staff the best chance of success.

Business visitors

The rules for those travelling to the UK for short-term business purposes are complex and often the source of much confusion. The stakes are high as getting it wrong could lead to allegations of illegal working, serious fines, and reputational damage for the business, as well as the refusal of entry and /or deportation for the individual. We are experienced in helping clients navigate this difficult area so that you and your overseas visitors can focus on the business at hand and facilitate a smooth and successful trip.

In-house training and workshops

We regularly provide bespoke, in-house training and workshops for corporate clients in all aspects of immigration law. These are often compliance-focused, covering areas such as sponsor licence duties and the prevention of illegal working, to ensure that key staff is aware of what they need to do to protect the business. We also provide tailor-made sessions on different visa routes that may be especially relevant to the business, or the impact of major changes in immigration law. We are very flexible and will work with you to provide the targeted training that your business needs.

We also recognise that immigration is often only part of the bigger picture. We offer a full-service approach working alongside our Employment, Corporate, Commercial, and Tax teams. We are headquartered in the UK and have a network of international offices and partner firms that we work with on our client’s UK and global immigration requirements.

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