Mediation & Dispute Resolution Legal Services

Mediation & Dispute Resolution Legal Services

Ending a relationship is always difficult and every couple is unique.

Some families have complex assets, trust and financial arrangements including property and other disputes which require in-depth knowledge and expertise. Many have differing ideas as to what is best for their children. Matters can be further complicated if parents currently live or plan to reside in different countries. Privacy and speed of resolution of matters is also a compelling motivator to mediate.

While there are a multitude of factors to consider, it is vital you consider all the dispute resolution options available to you to ensure you achieve the best outcome. We’ll advise you on the best approach and will work closely alongside you to ensure your bespoke needs are met.

We advise on and offer several forms of dispute resolution, with each having their own merits and outcomes-based approaches. Mediation is a participative, private approach that offers flexibility and technology such as skype being used to speed matters along. Our family team has eight mediators, both male and female, who are able to deliver this process. We also offer trained collaborative lawyers where courts are contractually shut out of the process and parties commit to working together with their lawyers present.

Arbitration is a further alternative, where an independent arbitrator is appointed to resolve either a financial or child issue.

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