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International Issues

When international couples divorce or separate complex questions can arise: for example, where should any divorce take place, where should the children live and how should worldwide assets be valued and divided.

In such cases it is essential to understand quickly the jurisdictional and other cross-border considerations as their impact on the outcome may be significant.    

In international cases, family situations may develop that require immediate attention; knowledge, experience and the ability to act quickly can often determine the outcome of the case. We offer a fast turnaround and a supportive approach to our clients, irrespective of where they are based. We are recognised for having an extensive global network, including our own international offices across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We work closely with our affiliates across the globe with speed and efficiency, and with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our large and knowledgeable team, of whom nine are fellows of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, has extensive experience in dealing with the most difficult international cases. Members of the team speak a variety of different languages and have specialisms in cases involving a broad range of countries around the world.  We regularly work in conjunction with our international commercial and trust litigation and dispute resolution teams providing a comprehensive service for our clients.

It is not only international family litigation in which we excel; we also offer the best in asset protection advice, working alongside our award winning Trust Establishment, Administration & Taxation team. For global families based in London or even with a foothold in England, it may be sensible to put in place pre- and post-nuptial agreements in different countries to protect property and assets. We have the expertise to advise on how to implement these agreements, taking into consideration the impact of any country-specific laws and where necessary co-ordinating lawyers in other jurisdictions.  Our aim is to protect our clients’ property and interests wherever they are located and to take preventative action where possible to avoid the risk of litigation in the future.