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Bribery & Corruption

Many businesses are currently facing significant challenges to their ongoing existence and profitability.

Whatever jurisdiction you are based in, anti-bribery compliance policies and procedures are now more important than ever so businesses can protect themselves should, for example, a rogue employee or associated persons under pressure to maximise turnover, begin looking to increase revenue in an illegal manner.

Such actions can lead to internal investigations and we are primed to work with you and your in-house legal team to assist with reporting requirements within the corporate structure and, where necessary or advisable, self-reporting to the relevant local authorities and announcements to various stock exchanges. We also have contacts within major regulatory bodies and work shoulder to shoulder with PR advisers to ensure that the reputation of your business is managed as a key part of any investigation.

Whether you are an individual or representing your company’s interests, you may want as much control and as many options as possible if a formal criminal or regulatory investigation begins or proceedings are commenced. Our investigations unit is made up of specialist litigators and seasoned negotiators across the world who strive to secure the best possible outcome for you and your business. Whether that is vindication in a contested trial or working with the authorities or regulators to secure the best possible terms, including by way of a deferred prosecution agreement where available, we are here to assist you.

Our advice on mitigating bribery and corruption risks by preparing, reviewing and advising on compliance policies and procedures is bespoke but proportionate. We take into account the full range of risk factors, assessing the size of your business, the level of regulation and scrutiny in your sector, and the jurisdictions that you and your affiliates operate in.

Our knowledge of industry best practice comes from the range of clients we advise, from domestic suppliers of goods to multi-national conglomerates active in high risk sectors and locations worldwide. We apply that to the issues facing your business to produce clear, succinct and practical policies on complex subjects such as facilitation payments, hospitality, expenses, gifting, and commission arrangements. These policies allow your business to be competitive while remaining compliant.