Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Legal Services

Many businesses are currently facing significant challenges to their ongoing existence and profitability.

When financial survival is at stake, crossing the line can be a strong temptation for individuals and a major risk for their organisations. Whatever jurisdiction you operate in, regulators are increasingly vigilant in their monitoring and exacting in their enforcement. In such a climate of high pressure and zero tolerance, anti-bribery compliance policies and procedures are a key priority that can often be overlooked or relegated in the quest for turnover and profit.

Temptation to cross the line is one risk but another, perhaps greater risk, is not knowing where the line is drawn. Previously unregulated business activities such as facilitation payments, hospitality, expenses, gifting, and/or commission arrangements have become subject to regulation, restriction and sanction which represents a continuing proliferation of traps for the unwary.

Mitigating bribery and corruption risks

Whether you are a domestic supplier of goods or a multi-national conglomerate active in high-risk sectors and locations worldwide, our approach to mitigating your bribery and corruption risks is bespoke and proportionate. In reviewing, advising upon and/or formulating your compliance policies and procedures, we draw upon our knowledge of industry best practice and take account of the full range of risk factors, the size of your business, the jurisdictions in which you operate, and the level of regulation and scrutiny in your sector. We produce clear and practical policies specific to you, enabling your business to be competitive while remaining compliant.

Internal investigations

If internal investigations are already underway, we will work with you and your in-house legal team to assist with reporting requirements within your organisation; and where appropriate, with self-reporting to the relevant local authorities and/or notifications to and announcements on relevant stock exchanges.

If matters escalate to a formal investigation or court proceedings, the outcome can be severe; and you will want as much control and as many options as possible. Our investigations unit is made up of specialist litigators and experienced negotiators across the world who will always strive to secure the best possible outcome for you and your business. Whether that outcome is a negotiated settlement or exoneration after a contested trial, we are here to assist you.

Public relations risk

In addition to the legal challenges you face, there may also be public relations challenges. When acting as your legal advisors, we never lose sight of the fact that investigations and court proceedings bring with them a significant risk to reputation and goodwill; and a key part of what we do for you involves engaging with regulators and working with media professionals in order to manage and mitigate that risk.

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