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Corporate Tax

Providing clarity in a complex world

Tax becomes more complex each year. Getting it wrong can be expensive, but it is also time-consuming. Time that is better spent building your business.‎ 

Our clients bring us their corporate tax problems because they want to understand what really matters, and they want to see long term solutions which work for them as their businesses grow and their priorities change. ‎ 

For us, it is not just knowing what the law says, it is about understanding what it may mean this year and next. It is an approach which works for a wide range of clients - from entrepreneurs and investment ‎managers through to property companies and multi-national businesses. Our exceptional track record in private wealth means we are particularly experienced in advising entrepreneurial businesses on meeting the challenges of growth and the need for succession planning and management change. 

Why work with us?

We like to build partnerships with our clients. We treat all of our clients in the same way, starting with getting to know them thoroughly. This means our solutions are tailored for each client's needs. 

It is all about creating tax frameworks which stand the test of time, adaptable to changes within your business or outside it. 

With us, you get a small group of lawyers who work closely with each other and with you to provide an integrated approach which works at all levels - for the business, its managers, employees and owners. We can combine our business tax and private wealth expertise in a way that few firms can match. Much of our advice is international in nature, drawing on the experience of dedicated tax professionals in the UK, Luxembourg and France. 

We are used to dealing with complexity, but providing our clients with clarity.

For more information, please contact James Carter and Robert Birchall.