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Construction & Engineering, Advisory & Disputes

We recognise disputes are damaging to projects and existing relationships, as well as disruptive to a client's ordinary business activities.

As such, our aim is to help our clients prevent disputes on major construction and engineering projects through appropriate procurement choices, and well-structured and managed projects.

However, we also recognise that, even on the best procured and well managed projects, disputes can arise. When they do, we have an extensive range of experience to draw on in resolving disputes in our clients’ interests. We focus our dispute resolution strategy on seeking to maximise the net recovery for our clients when bringing claims, and minimising or extinguishing their exposure when defending them.

Our dispute resolution experience covers mediation, adjudication, arbitration (domestic and international), expert determination, as well as bringing and defending claims brought in TCC court proceedings.

We have extensive relationships with world class technical experts and major consultancies in relation to assessing design defects, critical path analysis on time claims, and workmanship defects on building claims.

Our large team of specialist construction and engineering dispute resolution lawyers includes dual-qualified barristers and solicitors, dual-qualified solicitors and engineers, and accredited mediators and adjudicators.

We advise our clients on, and can offer a range of funding options for our dispute resolution services.