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2020 was a busy year for the telecommunications industry, not least because of the increased reliance upon it to support the global workforce through the international COVID-19 lockdown periods.

We have also seen the emergence of 5G infrastructure, and continued developments with Internet of Things (IoT) products, and related edge computing.

While the industry continues to strive to meet customers’ demands for increased speed, increased reliability and increased capacity, the reliance upon the telecommunications industry to support this growth will undoubtedly continue through 2021.  

We can advise you across the full spectrum of telecommunications, particularly within the complex regulatory space of telecommunications infrastructure and the Electronics Communications Code. We will support you to manage and mitigate the strategic challenges arising from the continual development and delivery of new types of digital services, in particular in connection with smart and assisted technologies, and remote telecoms solutions.

Our international focus means that we advise a wide range of leading operators, and other telecoms companies, on a range of strategic matters ranging from ongoing technology disruption to digital transformation and diversification in the Middle East, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe. Our market leading advice to policy makers and regulators in these jurisdictions is changing competition and liberalisation initiatives, giving us a broad perspective of the regulatory and commercial challenges facing both developing and developed markets.

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