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Computer Games

Video gaming has exploded in popularity, as technology continues to enhance capability and innovate new ways of gaming and interacting with other users.

With the increased reliance upon gaming and esport to fill the void left by the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect this rapid growth to continue.

The UK gaming industry attracts the best and brightest in technological innovation and the gaming and esports sector is a hugely exciting area of growth within the UK and offers investors and developers a huge range of commercial opportunity.

Whatever your issue, we can advise across the range of gaming and digital media, enhanced by our presence in a key gaming hub through our Guildford office.

Whether you are an investor, developer, publisher and licensee of computer games, a businesses who contributes to the games industry or a key player in esports, we can assist you with commercial contracts, rights exploitation, regulation and compliance and (including in relation to consumer legislation and data protection law) and wider business ventures (such as investments and company sale and acquisitions).  Clients include Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited (SIEE), NCSOFT and UKIE.

Our understanding of the cross-platform nature of computer and social gaming, combined with our understanding of the underlying technology and rights issues, means we are in a fantastic position to support key players in the industry as well as businesses wishing to integrate gaming into services and campaigns.