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Technology, Media & Telecommunications

The technology industry is characterised by continuous innovation, ever-evolving opportunities and rapid change.

Technology has transformed how we interact with each other and will underpin the development of nearly all businesses across every sector in the future.

Innovative technology is driving transformative change across the world economy, and the need for connectivity and automation to meet the demands of the modern world has accelerated widespread digital transformation. Recent years have demonstrated the value of robust services that are up-to-standard and operationally resilient and the necessity for businesses, particularly those which are consumer-facing, to adapt to digital business models and the evolving market in order to survive.

When adopted correctly, technology is a powerful tool that can enable you to expand and thrive. Supporting your unique commercial needs is at the heart of our offering and the service we provide combines comprehensive technology services with experience advising across a range of business sectors from a dedicated team of lawyers with in-house experience.

Our technology team brings together experts from across the full range of specialist legal areas, including:

We continue to support the full spectrum of clients, from software providers and digital platforms to underlying infrastructure providers (including data centre operators), telecommunications infrastructure providers and hi-tech engineers.

We can support you to apply the underpinnings of the digital transformation of businesses from years of experience, allowing you to adapt to technological change and succeed. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team to find out more.

Sustainability Hub

Sustainability Hub

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