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Technology, Media & Telecommunications

In Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT), we work with some of the most creative and ambitious people around. 

Our clients range from well-established national and multinational vendors, operators, publishers, broadcasters and customers to new entrants in niche sectors. With our deep experience and expertise in the field, we also represent governments and regulators, as well as advising investors and corporate finance intermediaries on equity and M&A transactions.

We can support you throughout the life cycle of your business, from start-up, initial fundings, regulatory and IP issues through to an exit or liquidity event, be that a trade sale, an MBO or an IPO. In addition, we advise large corporates on compliance and procurement contracts. We provide regular advice on business models, including licensing, content, hosted and cloud-based services, and compliance advice on data protection, infrastructure,  information security and cyber legal issues. We also ensure that we seek to create robust agreements that support business value. Our team of dispute resolution specialists are on hand to provide creative solutions where disputes do arise.

It’s an advantage to have a law firm that knows your world, as well as the law.

Why work with us?

We combine legal excellence with deep understanding of the field.  Our firm contains people who have special expertise in particular aspects of TMT and generalists with a broader outlook, all of whom are dedicated to solving your problems. We’re constantly curious about developments in the sector, acquiring knowledge that enables us to think ahead about how TMT will shape, and be shaped, by the law.

We like to work collaboratively with you and get to know your business thoroughly and our clients value our personal approach and sector expertise. We always encourage our clients to take a long-term view, even in a sector where the future can suddenly take you by surprise.