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Integrity Services Unit

Integrity is the lifeblood of sport.

The commercial, reputational and other damage caused to sports, sporting bodies, athletes, associated brands, investors and other stakeholders by major breaches of integrity - whether through cheating, doping, unfair financial practices, abuse, misconduct or otherwise - can be profound, costly and sometimes terminal.

Having worked at the heart of sport for many years we have gained privileged insight into the practices of sports governing bodies, leagues and other organisations, and the many and increasing challenges they face. These pressures are amplified by 24 hour news and social media.

To help address the “integrity challenge” faced by sports, and the many forms this can take, we have established a dedicated, multi-disciplinary, “Integrity Services Unit”.

Integrity Strategy Review Service

Whether you operate in the sport, private, public or charitable sector the proactive implementation of an effective all round integrity strategy has never been more important. Through our  Integrity Services Unit, we provide the knowledge and hands on experience of expert practitioners across the field of integrity issues to help you develop and implement the integrity strategy that meets your needs.

Rapid Response

If something does go wrong and the pressure intensifies, access to immediate expert support across a range of disciplines is vital. The early decisions taken in a crisis setting are critical and will often determine the ultimate legal, reputational and financial outcomes. In such scenarios, we are on hand with expert advice and co-ordinated support from experienced practitioners familiar with handling challenging situations who can help you to manage any integrity crisis or challenge swiftly and effectively.