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Integrity Services Unit

Integrity is the lifeblood of sport.

From sports betting, to anti-doping, to safeguarding, the spotlight upon integrity and sports regulation has never been brighter, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic changes the way sport can be played safely. It is more important than ever that all stakeholders in sport have sufficient policies and procedures in place protecting their integrity.

A sport that places integrity at the heart of its culture and values is one that can be recognised as honest and trustworthy, one that truly champions fair play and sportsmanship, and above all provides a safe environment for all those who compete, from grassroots to elite level. Integrity should be the core value across the philosophy of all sports, and our team is dedicated to supporting you achieve and maintain that aim.

Integrity has been a key focus for our sports group since the launch of our Integrity Services Unit in 2018, the first for a law firm, and we have supported a number of stakeholders, from clubs and leagues, to players and regulators, through integrity reviews and crises responses. The ISU, built upon a “Rapid Response Unit” and a “Integrity Risk Review” is headed by industry experts Darren Bailey and Danielle Sharkey, each with valuable in-house experience at major sporting organisations.


Rapid Response Unit

Our Rapid Response Unit can offer you a unique confidential hotline to connect with our team at any time, to talk through any critical issues that you might be facing. We will react instantly to direct you to the best person for the job, to ensure that your issue is dealt with confidently and immediately. The Rapid Response Unit is supported by a team of experts across a number of legal disciplines, all with crucial experience in the sector, dealing with any, and all, issues that might come up and have been essential components to the success of a number of our sports clients over many years.

Integrity Risk Review

When it comes to integrity, it is far better to take a proactive approach to avoiding a crisis. We have the breadth of knowledge and expertise to analyse different areas of a business or operation to ascertain where the key areas of threat and risk are present. Once identified, we are able to support and advise you to ensure that those risks are reduced, or eradicated to avoid adverse exposure. We can conduct a full service review of all areas of your business, or focus on targeted areas.

If you have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, or would like to talk to our team about any other issues you are facing, please don't hesitate to get in touch.