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Retail & Consumer Brands

The Retail & Consumer brand sector is innovative, disruptive and constantly in flux.

New and exciting brands emerge every day, each offering a unique take on existing high street and luxury products and experiences.

The growing adoption of technology and the evolving wants and needs of consumers has seen an increased customer demand for new, faster online offerings and enhanced shopping experiences. What is clear is that those with the foresight and flexibility to adapt to this evolving market, particularly post-COVID-19, will be in a fantastic position to succeed in the years ahead.

Our team helps brands seize commercial opportunities, develop their strategic offering, succeed in new markets and attract a new generation of consumers. We can support you through your growth journey, offering our global team of lawyers as an extension of your in-house team. We provide market leading sector expertise in a range of specialist areas, from business structures to commercial agreements, to property and brand identity.

We are proud to work alongside some of the most innovative and disruptive businesses within retail, from developing high street and luxury brands, to established household names. But one thing remains the same; we get to know each one of our clients. Taking a personal approach ensures that our team understands the unique ethos and drivers behind your business model, to offer legal and strategic advice best tailored to your own unique challenges and commercial strategies, enabling your business to flourish.

If you have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, or would like to talk to our team about any other issues facing your business, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Luxury Brands

We have a long history supporting clients within the luxury brands sector and we are as dedicated as ever to seeing the sector flourish, particularly with the potential for changing consumer behaviour in the aftermath of COVID-19. Luxury brands will need to be innovative and resilient to succeed. Our team can support you as you manage the immediate effects of the pandemic, and plan for the longer-term, sustainable future of your business.

We are a founding partner of The Luxury Library, which brings together a curated group of experts from the legal, media, brand and digital industries with a long history of commitment to the luxury sector. Members collectively act as a catalyst for the growth of luxury businesses and ensure that more than simply your legal needs are considered. Our understanding of luxury brands is not restricted to the UK – we regularly connect with the best lawyers around the world. We have co-hosted luxury brand conferences in Milan and Geneva, which explored topics specifically through the eyes of luxury brands, including managing trade marks, joint ventures, design industry protection, and ecommerce/selective distribution.

Consumer Technology

Technology has changed the face of retail, and will almost certainly continue to do so as consumers have grown more accustomed to an online offering throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Technology offers new ways for brands to interact with their customer base, through apps, social media and omnichannel, and developing, or enhancing a digital presence will be integral to the success and failure of traditional business models.

We can support you with developing your digital strategy, whether that be in marketing strategy (e.g. influencer agreements, social media marketing), or customer facing (e.g. website, apps, and omnichannel).

Marketing, Advertising and Sponsorship

The way in which businesses are able to market themselves to potential customers has changed dramatically in recent years, as big data facilitates business use of market data to personalise digital campaigns and advertisements. Social media too has opened a new avenue of marketing, particularly with the growth of the ‘influencer’.

We can advise your businesses on marketing, advertising and sponsorship agreements, particularly in the increasingly popular area of social media marketing. We have advised a number of brands with influencer arrangements, and related compliance, and interactions, with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), as well as supporting international clients with brand partnership and collaboration agreements.

Attention to Retail Toolkit

Attention to Retail Toolkit

We work extensively in the retail sector, advising both small start-ups as well as some of the biggest names in the business.