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As the effects of COVID-19 and Brexit continue to take effect, the Real Estate Investment industry continues to emerge as a preferred option for many investors.

As many different investment classes have underperformed, London has remained the top destination for investment in commercial real estate and despite uncertainties in the UK market, it remains a convincing choice. Much of this has been by US and Chinese buyers but also a buoyant domestic investor base. Driven by a stable legal system, regular returns on rent and an historic upward trend in prices - this makes this asset class an extremely attractive option, and an extremely competitive one.

As such, investors who have fully considered the process and sought expert advice are likely to see the highest returns.

Whether you are a public or private company, property fund, retailer, hotel operator, bank and other financial institution, private investor and entrepreneur, we will work with you to meet your business needs with clear and reliable advice.

We are unique in our teams’ full integration with the banking, construction, environment, planning and property litigation teams enabling us to provide comprehensive and seamless property related advice. We also work closely with the corporate and tax teams advising on joint ventures, limited partnerships, corporate acquisitions and disposals and tax-efficient structures.

We have particular expertise in overseas investments and work closely with our teams in the Middle East, Hong Kong and Europe to support clients across all jurisdictions and sectors.

If your investments, in the UK or internationally, have been affected by the pandemic or you would like to discuss any aspect of your Real Estate Investments please do get in touch. For more information on our Real Estate team click here or visit our thought leadership hubs below.