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Professionals & Senior Executives

Professionals & Senior Executives face a number of demands, from their business partners, from their clients, from their boards and shareholders, and from the teams around them, whilst maintaining personal relationships and their own and family well-being.

The current crisis is forcing many to re-think their business strategy and operations. As employers and partnerships face liquidity and revenue issues, there is increased pressure on income-reduced salaries and lost bonuses, alongside a rise in expenditure and general maintenance demands. All with in the backdrop of supporting your own client base, suppliers, and business partners. And then there are wider commitments for those involved in charities or those who are trustees.

We are very conscious of the time that professionals and senior executives are able to allocate to dealing with their personal affairs and the importance and trust you need in your advisers to prioritise the advantages, which may be short term or lost completely, especially in the light of fiscal uncertainty and challenging demands, and political change.

We are able to move quickly to deal with your immediate priorities and put plans in place for change and uncertainty within a longer-term strategy. This can include gifting, reviewing marriage settlements, tenancy issues on second homes, advising on loans against illiquid investments, art and other assets, as well as supporting you on your reputation and employment decisions.

We can also deal with your own business issues, and restructures. We can deal with new  tech start-ups bringing expertise in key sectors like health care, digital and tech, as well as wealth businesses and boutique advisory firms. We can also address with you the challenges of investing in distressed purchases and investments in growth businesses.

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