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Landed Estates and Heritage Property

The owners of landed estates and heritage property, and the land and property itself, come in many different shapes and sizes.

These include traditional multi-generational families right through to overseas investors, who own a range of assets, such as country houses, farms, forests, vineyards, stately homes and urban estates.

However, they each face age-old challenges relating to succession, death and divorce; new challenges around Brexit; tax reform; and responding to the new opportunities and challenges the health crisis brings.

Our clients are having to adapt to new roles and responsibilities around this. The owners, the agents and the estate managers are each trying to understand how best to support according to each other's needs.

We are alongside, helping you navigate these issues, from tenancy, to employment, to insurance, as well as commercialising assets and future-proofing with careful brand management and strategic land developments. We can also advise on heritage issues, and problems arising around art and shared assets.

We have detailed below some of the themes we can discuss with you to make the most of the current opportunities.

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