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Health & Safety

When an incident occurs on a construction site, in a workplace or in a public area, a business can find itself subject to intense scrutiny from law enforcement agencies, regulators and the media.

The repercussions of this, including criminal charges, civil proceedings and reputational damage can be very serious, both for the company and individuals.

We are well placed to advise contracting clients on measures that need to be implemented when an incident first arises, the strategic approach to adopt and conducting any investigations. We have strong working relationships with law enforcement agencies and regulators, including the Health and Safety Executive, Environment Agency, the Police and the Coroner. We have many years of in-depth knowledge from representing parties in subsequent legal proceedings which may follow an incident, including highly complex, long running multi-party prosecutions.

We provide a comprehensive and seamless service to clients including:

  • Being on-site in the immediate aftermath of an incident
  • Advising on any subsequent criminal investigation and likely criminal charges
  • Representing clients at formal interviews, providing documents and statements
  • Defending proceedings and representing clients in the criminal courts
  • Strategically advising on how best to deal with the media should it be necessary.